Friday, January 16, 2009

Biology in a few sentences...

Where does life come from? All cells alive on the planet earth today came from a "parent" cell. Just like grandfather had a father that we call great-grandfather, great-grandfather had a father we call great-great-grandfather. What does our great-great-great-great...lots of greats!-grandfather look like?

We can often tell people are in the same family because they have features in common. They look alike. What common feature do all cells have? All cells have ribosomes! Every living thing on this earth is our relative. Every living thing on this planet earth is part of our family. We know we are all related because we share a common feature, ribosomes.

There is a tree of life that follows what all our ancestors looked like. At the base of this tree is a cell type that we all descended from. We call this "LUCA", for Last Universal Common Ancestor. In Asia, ancestors are respected and honored. In this same way, we should revere LUCA. LUCA is our ultimate ancestor and as such demands our ultimate reverence.

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